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    Afrika is a 24 year old British/American female Drummer. After graduating from the Academy of Contemporary Music with a 1st class honours in BAHons Music Performance degree, she has gone on to work with artists such as Goldie and AKALA. She is currently working with Island Record’s Pop group JUCE and Jazz singer Nicole Perez.

    Afrika is all about laying down the groove in any style especially Funk. Each week she puts up a new video on YouTube, so stay tuned for more!

    Heroes: Damien Schmitt and Dave Weckl

    Kit: Mapex Meridian, Galaxy Burst: 10″, 12″, 14″, 22″

    Cymbals: Sabian 14″ AAX Stage hats, Sabian 16″ AAXplosion Fast Crash, Istanbul 16″ Sweet Crash, Paiste 16″ Sound Reflections China, Sabian 10″ AAX splash, Istanbul Agop 21″ Ride


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